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What not to do in divorce court (if you want to win)

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2018 | Blog

Courtroom etiquette can play a substantial role in the strength of your case. If you are in front of a judge in a divorce proceeding, it is imperative that you behave appropriately and arrive at the proceeding prepared.

Here are some things that divorce attorneys recommend not doing when their clients go to court.

Wearing inappropriate attire

First impressions can be everything in the courtroom. If you arrive with an unkempt appearance, it may be difficult to persuade a judge that you’re a fit parent who deserves custody time. Likewise, if you tell the judge that you can’t afford child support and go to court wearing expensive attire, they may have a hard time believing you.

Representing yourself in court

Most divorce attorneys try to dissuade people from going to court without a lawyer. If you aren’t familiar with the laws, self-representation could decrease your odds of prevailing in your case. Meeting with your attorney ahead of time is also not a bad idea.

Arriving ill-prepared

Strong arguments are supported by evidence and paperwork. If you don’t bring documentation to court you will likely have trouble offering proof of income and debts and the judge may see you as irresponsible and disorganized.

Becoming angry

Staying calm during a courtroom proceeding is crucial. Not only do you want to remain on the judge’s good side, but also their staff. You have a better chance of hurting your case than helping it if you get angry.


You don’t want to become your own worst enemy in court. By avoiding these things, you may be better equipped to present a strong argument to a judge and get the outcome that you want.