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Overview of visitation rights in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2018 | Child Custody

Many parents in Charlotte, North Carolina live in separate homes and thus must share their children. When this happens, parents will usually either have a custody and visitation arrangement that will specify when each parent will have the child. Alternatively, the court will issue its own order setting up a parenting schedule. In situations other than a true joint custody arrangement, one parent will get custody and the other parent will generally have visitation rights.

As with other legal issues involving children, the specific contours of a parent’s visitation rights will depend on what the court sees as the best interest of the children. As such, there are not black and white rules as to how much time a parent will get, as that will depend on a number of things, like the parents’ jobs, how the old the children are, and where the parents each live.

The court may also consider what the child wants and the child’s schooling and activities, but the court is not compelled to make decisions based on any one factor.

When there is a dispute over visitation rights, a court will, generally speaking, send the parties to a mediator to get the issues resolved. In some cases, the judge may appoint a professional like a psychologist or a guardian ad litem to help the judge make an informed decision about custody and visitation.

Asserting one’s visitation rights is almost always a stressful experience, particularly when the relationship between the parents is tense. However, a skilled and experienced North Carolina child custody attorney can help a parent navigate through this difficult process.