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May I ask for my alimony order to be changed or ended?

As the result of a formal divorce or a long-term separation, many Charlotte, North Carolina, residents will wind up paying alimony or spousal support to their former partner. Oftentimes, this may be done by agreement, perhaps as part of a package-deal negotiation between the two parties.

Even in the event of an agreement, however, North Carolina law allows someone who is paying alimony to ask the court who awarded it, or signed off on it as the case may be, to change or even eliminate the obligation altogether.

This does not mean that a person can try to end his or her alimony payment just because he or she no longer feels like paying it, however. Instead, the person asking for the change must be able to point to a change in circumstances.

While there is no one thing or list of things that constitute a change in circumstances, one example would be if the person paying alimony loses his or her job or, for that matter, the person receiving the alimony takes on full-time employment.

Another change is when the person receiving alimony re-marries or starts to live in a long-term relationship with a new partner. In these sorts of situations, a court will generally terminate the alimony payment because that is what the law requires the court to do. Of course, as with anything in the law, exceptions may apply.

A North Carolina resident who feels that his or her circumstances have changed and that he or she should no longer pay alimony or pay less may have legal options that he or she should discuss with an experienced family law attorney.