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Google Street View may have role in heart balm claims

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2018 | Heart Balm Claims

One might wonder what Google Street View would have to do with a divorce case or other family law matter. In North Carolina, at least, the role of this popular Google feature may be larger than one would think.

This is because North Carolina still recognizes so-called heart balm claims. Although this blog has discussed these types of lawsuits in detail, in general, they are legal claims one spouse can make against their spouses’ affair partner or other third parties who disrupt a happy marriage. Sometimes, a jilted spouse can collect thousands or even millions of dollars from an interloper in to their marriage.

Google Street View may prove important in these claims because it involves the posting of photographs that people, including people trying to cheat discretely, on the very public worldwide web. Although Google makes efforts to protect the identities of people they photograph, they can certainly be recognized.

One recent story in the news proves just that. A man who was searching Street View discovered a photo of a woman he recognized as his wife being affectionate with another man. The man, who is from another country, is now planning to divorce his wife.

The world is becoming less and less private with everything that can be posted online. Moreover, there are quite literally cameras everywhere. While this might be bad news for people who are trying to have affairs on the sly, for those in the Charlotte area who suspect cheating and just need proof, the internet, public cameras and the like are all great places to search for evidence.