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Adultery is a common reason that couples divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2019 | Heart Balm Claims

For all of the reasons that North Carolina residents fall in love and then decide to get married, there are as many reasons that they may eventually decide to end their legal relationships. Divorce is a major issue for families all throughout the country, and recently, a list of common divorce causes was published. With reasons ranging from money to conflicts to a lack of familial support, two causes stood out as the top reasons that many marriages fail.

Lack of commitment and infidelity topped the list of marriage-ending events, with 75 percent of divorcing couples noting commitment problems in their marriages and nearly 60 percent stating that adultery and extramarital affairs affected their unions. Challenges with commitment and adultery can fray even the strongest marital unions and can leave individuals feeling as though divorce is their only option.

In North Carolina, individuals who have suffered the pain of their partners’ adultery can sue for damages based on heart balm claims. Heart balm claims may be issued against individuals who have affairs with victims’ spouses, and two heart balm claims exist in North Carolina: criminal conversation and alienation of affections.

A family law attorney who accepts heart balm claims may be an excellent resource for a person who has suffered the pain and humiliation of living through their spouse’s extramarital affair. Adultery is a common reason that marriages fail as noted by its placement on this list of causes for couples to divorce. Victims of these difficult personal events can find support and solace with the help of attorneys who advocate for their legal rights and damages.