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Virtual visitation may serve a family’s needs

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2019 | Child Custody

It is incredibly common for North Carolina residents to communicate with each other through electronic means. With a quick call from a cell phone a person can confirm a meeting, or with an instant text, message they may wish a friend a happy birthday. While face to face meetings are still the cornerstone of strong personal and professional relationships, electronic and online interfaces have given people new ways of staying in touch.

Digital communications have effected many aspects of life, and in some cases, they have even become relevant in the family law world. In cases where parents share custody of their kids or where one parent has only visitation time with their children, virtual visitation is an option to allow adults to stay connected with their kids.

Virtual visitation uses different online tools to allow parents and children to communicate. They may use Facetime or Skype to see each other as they talk or they may use other messaging services to have real time conversations as they type. Virtual visitation can be a useful way for parents who must move far away from their children to have meaningful connections with the children that they love.

Virtual visitation may not be necessary in all child custody proceedings and readers who are interested in its possible use in their family law cases should discuss it with their attorneys. In many situations, courts will look for ways for parents to spend actual, in-person time with their children and may not order virtual visitation, if it does not serve the children’s best interests. The unique circumstances of individual child custody cases will influence the outcomes of different legal matters.