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How do I modify an alimony order?

Alimony is an important source of support that a person may receive after they complete their North Carolina divorce. It is paid from one party to the other and is generally dependent upon the recipient’s need for continuing financial sustenance from their ex-partner. Not every divorce will end with an order or agreement regarding alimony because not all couples split with one of the parties in need of financial help.

However, when alimony is ordered or agreed to it becomes a binding obligation for the paying spouse to meet. If they fail to make payments based upon the schedule they have been given they may be subject to enforcement efforts and penalties. Paying spouses can, though, ask for their obligations to be changed through court-approved modifications.

A motion to modify starts when a party files their request with the appropriate court. A hearing may be scheduled so that the parties may discuss their needs and concerns with a judge, who will then determine if the modification should be granted. Paying parties often seek to modify their alimony obligations when they are not financially able to meet them. They may also choose to pursue such actions when they believe that the recipient spouses have the means to support themselves without continuing alimony payments.

As with all family law matters it can benefit a person who wishes to secure an alimony modification to discuss their needs with their attorney. Legal professionals can provide their clients with the guidance that is relevant and necessary for them to make informed, responsible decisions about the legal paths they should pursue.