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The right steps when alimony comes up in your divorce

Alimony, as many of our readers in North Carolina may know, is more commonly becoming known as spousal support. Whatever you call it, this is an issue that, when it comes up in a divorce case, can see the divorcing spouses pitted against each other with strong, negative feelings. After all, since an alimony award oftentimes means that one spouse will be required to continue to pay money to the other spouse even after the divorce is finalized, that ongoing relationship may not be desirable for one or more of the spouses. When it comes to alimony in a divorce case, the right steps to this sensitive issue are crucial.

One of the first steps is to remember that, despite the emotions involved when alimony comes up, it is crucial to protect your interests and legal rights. If you are the soon-to-be ex-spouse who may be ordered to pay alimony, it is important to focus on how you might be able to limit the amount paid out. If you are the one who will be seeking alimony, don’t feel guilty about asking for a financial award from the court that is meant to level the playing field between two people who are likely walking away from a relationship on different financial footing.

Another step to remember is to keep emotions under control. Yes, there are likely some grievances that you might want to air that might make you feel better initially, but emotions are hardly ever a key part of sound legal strategy.

At our law firm, we understand that going through the emotions involved in a divorce is natural, but we also understand that your rights need to be protected. For more information about how our law firm works with North Carolina residents to get good results, please visit our website.