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Explore your options in difficult child custody disputes

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2019 | Child Custody

It is easy to overlook the fact that married couples and unmarried couples alike often have child custody disputes. While married couples who go through a divorce, if they have minor children, will come out of the case with some type of child custody arrangement, unmarried couples who have children together can also approach a family law court for help in determining a child custody arrangement that is legally binding. However, for some people, just because a court order exists does not necessarily mean that they intend to follow the “letter of the law.”

Interfering with or ignoring the requirements of a child custody order can lead to significant legal problems. In many cases, by the time a family law court is made aware that one party or the other has been breaching the terms of the order, the issue has existed for quite some time. Any North Carolina residents who are facing these issues will need to carefully consider and explore their options.

Yes, the other parent will be one of the primary influences in that child’s life forever. That being the case, some people wonder if it is best to open up a legal battle, worried that it could have a negative effect on the child or children at issue. But, protecting one’s legal rights — and enforcing a court order – should not make North Carolina residents hesitate. After all, the parent fought for the terms of the child custody arrangement to begin with, and it is important to continue that fight.

Though, just because a dispute comes up about child custody does not mean that negotiations cannot be a viable option. Sometimes, direct talk or even mediation can help people who are going through child custody disputes reach a favorable result.