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Different types of social media to avoid during a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2019 | Uncategorized

One of the most common tips given by North Carolina divorce lawyers within the last decade is to avoid posting any extravagant information on social media until the proceedings are over. Any information you post online can be used against you when the court is determining spousal support and child custody.

When spouses hear this, most of them believe all they need to do is avoid posting to Facebook and Twitter for a few months and then they’ll be fine. However, there are far more websites these days for online users to connect and share information. It is important to be aware of these options and what your spouse can find on there that they can use to their advantage.

Private messaging apps

With so many people using the internet these days, many are starting to rely more on private messaging apps such as Telegram or Facebook Messenger if they want to have an online conversation. Discord is also becoming increasingly popular for entire groups to converse in. You may feel tempted to jump on any of these to talk to a friend about how the proceedings are going.

However, you need to be careful on who you communicate with. If you’re talking to a someone who is a friend of both you and your spouse, then they may relay anything you told to them back to your spouse. You should also be careful not to post anything controversial in a group chat that your spouse or one of their associates are a part of.

Business sites

Workers may update their LinkedIn profiles or other job application sites if they need to find a new job after the divorce or if their spouse was also their business partner. Since LinkedIn users often outline their job history and what they are working on, the court could take this information into consideration. They could see how likely you are to get a higher paying job in the future or see what additional factors impact your current income.

HuffPost highlighted a divorce lawyer who used LinkedIn to prove one spouse had a side business that was not disclosed during the proceedings, allowing his client to gain more child support. If the court finds out that you were hiding this type of information from them, they will not hesitate to punish you for it.

Dating sites

Even though you want to move on from your spouse, do so at a reasonable pace. Starting a dating profile before the proceedings are over is not a good idea. Not only could your spouse use how you present yourself in your dating profile against you, but they could also try to link the profile to adultery. This is especially problematic since North Carolina allows spouses to sue unfaithful partners.

However, if your spouse can’t resist posting on social media during your divorce, you and your friends may want to keep a close eye on their posts to see if you can get anything that you can bring to the courtroom. Talk to a family law attorney to see how you can implement their online profiles into your case.