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Financial issues may cause divorce and alimony

It is common to hear that one of the primary reasons North Carolina couples get divorced is because of financial issues. Specifically, the lack of funds can cause significant strain on a marriage. In a divorce case, those financial issues are likely to be part of one of the most contentious issues: alimony.

If financial issues are what caused a divorce, will an ex-spouse be entitled to alimony? The answer, as is the case with answers to most legal questions, is, “it depends.” First, usually one or the other spouse must actually ask to receive alimony. From there, various aspects of the marriage will be examined by the family law court to determine if alimony should be awarded and, if so, for how long the alimony payments must be made and in what amount.

It used to be that the common expectation in a divorce case would be that the husband would pay alimony to the wife after the divorce. But, in today’s society, that is not always the case. Today, it is perfectly commonplace for both spouses to be in the workforce and earning an income, sometimes, incomes that are similar to what each other earns. If that is the case, perhaps, alimony will not be needed.

But, oftentimes, there are disparities in the amount of income each spouse earns, or in the work experience or education level each spouse has achieved. If that is the case, alimony may be ordered.

At our law firm, we work with North Carolina residents who are dealing with alimony issues in their divorce case. For those who want more information about how this difficult issue can be addressed, the alimony overview section of our law firm’s website may be helpful.