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Some crucial points to know about spousal support

Spousal support issues in divorce cases in North Carolina are oftentimes looked at only through the lens of which spouse will be paying, and how much will be paid. However, it is important to remember that these issues come up in a divorce because one of the soon-to-be ex-spouses believes that some form of financial assistance is necessary to "even things out" in terms of education and employment.

What are the basics about spousal support?

Our readers in North Carolina know that every divorce case is different and so, necessarily, the issues that will be important in one case may not be the primary concern in another. For example, many divorcing couples who are parents are, first and foremost, concerned with child custody and child support. However, oftentimes, those couples who are not parents will likely be more concerned with the issues of property division and alimony, also known these days as "spousal support."

What are defenses to heart balm claims?

Couples divorce for many reasons. Both people may want out of the relationship, or one partner might want to end the marriage, while the other partner wishes they could work things out. Additionally, there may be a third party involved in the relationship that causes the divorce to happen.

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