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What to know about visitation rights

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Child Custody

It is not uncommon for North Carolina parents who are denied physical child custody to be given visitation rights. Generally speaking, the law prefers that both parents have a relationship with their children. It is important to note that parents are not necessarily denied custody of their sons or daughters because they are bad people. Instead, a judge has decided that it’s in the child’s best interest to live primarily with one parent.

Visitation schedules can be as flexible or specific as necessary to serve the best interests of the child. For example, a parent may be granted the right to see a child over the weekend or certain nights during the week. However, it is also possible that a parent will be allowed to see a child for several weeks during the summer or during other school breaks.

Noncustodial parents are encouraged to see their children as often as possible to minimize the chances of losing visitation rights. Furthermore, they are encouraged to get help for a substance abuse or any other problem that may pose a danger to a child. If a parent does lose visitation rights, they may be restored if that parent can show that he or she is no longer a danger to a son or daughter.

The best interests of the child are the primary concern in any custody case. Parents may required to share custody or visitation rights with their former spouses even if they don’t want to. Parents are allowed to create visitation schedules on their own, but they will need to be approved by a judge before they can go into effect. An attorney may be helpful at this stage of the process.