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Photo of attorney Rhonda Patterson
Photo of attorney Rhonda Patterson

Prioritizing Children’s Interests

The state of North Carolina understands that minor children deserve special protections under the law, and has oriented its legal system to provide them. In family proceedings, the courts place an emphasis on ensuring children’s needs are met and safeguarding their futures.

However, this doesn’t make matters any less stressful for parents. After all, while the courts may have well-intentioned policies, it does not tend to a child’s day-to-day care. Moreover, while a judge may think he or she knows what’s best in a given situation, parents often feel their offspring have not been served well by the legal system.

An attorney can be of crucial help. At The Patterson Law Office, PLLC, we have a thorough understanding of family court and juvenile court proceedings, and know how to prioritize a child’s interests at every step. Based in Charlotte, and serving throughout Mecklenburg County, our team works hard to obtain the best possible legal outcomes on behalf of our clients. In every case, we aim to facilitate a child’s ongoing development and growth.

Family Law Matters Involving Children

Divorces can be especially difficult for children. Turmoil at home, studies indicate, can lead directly to emotional volatility, as children often feel somehow at-fault for their parents’ breakup, or feel they must show allegiance to one parent over the other.

Our firm assists parents in their efforts to maintain and strengthen their relationships with their children. To this end, we are skilled in all concerns arising from child custody, child visitation, name changes and child support considerations. When a situation warrants it, we are also adept at obtaining temporary protective orders in situations involving domestic violence, and facilitating the termination of a parent’s rights.

Juvenile Court Proceedings

Certain situations may require the termination of a parent’s rights to their child. Our firm can assist both petitioners in pursuing such terminations and respondents in preserving their right to their children.

The Patterson Law Office, PLLC, is fully committed to protecting children’s rights and reputations. From the moment charges are filed, our team can work to investigate the allegations, identify any mistakes the authorities may have made and advocate effectively for leniency. Whenever possible, we will seek to have a case dismissed.

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