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Representing Yourself

We understand that not everyone can afford an attorney. While there are fantastic public interest organizations that offer free legal services to certain individuals, we also understand that there are people who may not qualify for their services in light of the organization’s capacity or the individual’s income. Just because you earn too much money to quality for legal aid, doesn’t mean you can afford the expense of an attorney. To help meet the needs of this growing population of people trapped in this middle ground, Attorney Patterson has developed Patterson University. Patterson University offers affordable crash courses for the pro se litigant. Courses cost less than most consultation fees and are designed to equip you with general strategy, tactics and technique to represent yourself in a family law action in Mecklenburg County, NC. Our hope is that you will book a consultation for legal advice tailored to your specific situation. You can then enroll in Patterson University for the practical tips you will need both before and at trial as you try to manage and succeed in your own case. Courses are narrowly tailored so that they can be priced affordably and you can purchase only what you need, when you need it. Its our way of equipping you and cheering you on from the sidelines. Learn more and enroll today at